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Concrete Contractors Fort Myers | #1 Residential & Commercial Concrete Services

Poorly poured concrete is one of the worst things you can do for your property.

Whether it’s stamped concrete, a walkway, a driveway or concrete steps, a poorly executed concrete job is unleveled, bumpy and just looks bad aesthetically.

That’s why you need to get the best concrete contractors in Fort Myers FL.

We have been voted the favorite concrete contractor in Fort Myers for many years and have received tons of perfect 5 star ratings and we’re keeping it that way!

With our extreme attention to detail combined with years of experience in pouring concrete, customers are very pleased with the outcome we’ve been able to produce!

So whether you want some concrete steps or want an entire parking lot filled with concrete, please give our team in Fort Myers, Florida a call today!

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Here’s a list of the concrete services we offer:

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Walkways
  • Floors
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Stained Concrete
  • Concrete Steps
  • Garage / Shed Concrete Slab
  • Contractor​
  • Designed & Decorative
  • Concrete
  • Flagstone
  • Cobblestone
  • Pavers
  • Countertops
  • Seawall Repair
  • Retaining Wall​
  • Patios
  • Lanai
  • Pool Deck
  • Repairs
  • Parking Lots
  • Concrete Retaining Walls
  • And More!

We’ll be explaining some of these in more detail in our post.

But first, why is concrete so important and why should you leave it up to the concrete experts in Fort Myers?

As explained above, poorly poured concrete creates unleveled floors, cracks, and bumps in the final product.
And at times, because the concrete is poorly done, you may need to repair the concrete or replace it, which might cost you more in the long run.

So it’s just better to get the concrete done RIGHT the first time around.

That’s why, even though some people might be DIY enthusiasts, when it comes to concrete, we believe you should leave it to a professional concrete company in Fort Myers, Florida.

Concrete is foundational for all projects related to buildings and property.

Whether you want it for your home, office, driveways, garages, patios or anything decorative we are surrounded by concrete.

And because it is so foundational, you want someone with a lot of experience to be laying your concrete.

And here’s the best part:

Once the concrete is laid out and cured, there isn’t much maintenance involved.

Concrete, if laid properly can last several years with minimal wear and tear.

At times, small sections might need replacement due to roots of plants underneath causing some cracks, or some leveling, but a well done concrete job should last many, many years.

Please give us a call! We want to help!

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About us

10+ years of experience and expertise.
You’ll be amazed at our concrete service.

We eat, breathe, and live concrete.

With a combined experience of decades across our team, we’ve been in this business for a very long time.

Our concrete company is family owned and operated and so our attention to detail is bar none and we also believe in earning your business through quality work and precision.

We care about your project like it is our own whether that is a concrete driveway, patio, sidewalk, countertop or floor, we make sure that it is both structurally sound and it is pleasant to look at. Something that you can be proud of.

And at the end of the job, you can be sure that the concrete work is durable and will last a very long time.

So if you’re ready to hire one of the best professional Fort Myers Concrete Contractors then go ahead and give us a call today!

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Concrete Contractors Fort Myers – Our Services

Concrete Repair Fort Myers

If you have any cracks or chips in your concrete surfaces or structures, then please give us a call to get this handled for you.

Concrete repairs is one of our specialities and we know concrete repair like the back of our hands.

From residential work to commercial, we can do it all including buildings, walkways, driveways, indoor floors, countertops, steps and more!

There are many reasons why cracks can happen including:

  • Tree Roots from underneath can grow and cause cracks
  • Temperature fluctuations can shrink and expand the concrete
  • Regular wear and tear

And although concrete is one of the most durable materials in the world (we have skyscrapers and towers made of concrete that last for decades), some times, wear and tear can happen because of foot traffic, time, weather and just nature being nature.

It can cause the concrete to become uneven, worn out and discoloration in some decorative concrete.

Some of the concrete repairs we can do for these instances:

  • Deep cracks
  • Thin, hairline cracks
  • Chipped corners
  • Crumbling edges
  • Entire area replacements
  • And more!

Give us a call today if you need concrete repairs in Fort Myers!

And you can also visit our partners in Fort Lauderdale, FL if you need concrete services there!

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What people say about us

“I had a concrete walkway that was fine until one of our yard tree roots went right through it. It looked awful and was a tripping hazard for people walking across. We needed a company to come fast and get our walkway fixed ASAP. Concrete Contractors Fort Myers FL were the EXACT service we asked for! Fast, professional, and friendly the whole way through. Highly Recommended.

Lisa M.
Google, November 2023

“I wanted a sleek, modern design for our new place. I wanted concrete floors in places with some good looking designs and the same for our kitchen and bathroom counters. However, I didn’t want plain and boring gray slabs. Concrete Contractors Fort Myers did not disappoint and am super pleased with the results. Our place looks amazing now. We get compliments from our guests and it’s a great modern design perfect for my design intentions. Thanks a lot guys!”

David C.
Google, December 2023

“Our old stone patio has seen better days. I’ve considered getting it repaired or replaced, but I knew it would be costly. Fortunately, I’ve heard about this whole stamped concrete thing. From a few feet away, I swear you couldn’t tell the difference. However, it is much cheaper and should last us many years longer.”

Adam T.
HomeAdvisor, November 2023

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Commercial Concrete Services​ & Residential Concrete in Fort Myers

We cater for both residential and commercial properties.

When it comes to bigger projects, you need a crew who knows the ins and outs of concrete to get the job done properly.

Cutting corners or being cheap with a concrete job is the last thing you want to do, because it can lead to cracks, redos and just a lot of headaches in the future.

In fact, cutting corners will probably cost you more in the long run rather than getting it done properly the first time.

Our experienced commercial masonry experts and cement masters can tackle projects of every size whether you want a parking lot cemented, or you want to build a new office, we can take it all!

So if you’re looking for concrete contractors near Fort Myers, FL, then please call us today for a free estimate!

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Concrete Driveways​ in Fort Myers FL

Stamped Concrete Fort Myers

Overtime, the driveway can have some wear and tear due to daily use and having vehicles go back and forth on it.

So it’s essential to use a good surface material to withstand this volume of usage.

Concrete is a fabulous choice because with good asphalt laid down as the foundation, your driveway has the ability to remain super durable for many years to come.

From paving blocks to paving slabs and to even using stamped concrete for a beautiful concrete driveway, we can help provide the best option for your driveway.

Just imagine driving in to your driveway and feel good that you have an amazing driveway with no cracks, no unevenness, no damage, no discoloration and it looks like a smooth piece of artwork that welcomes your vehicle in your home.

We also provide both new driveways as well as driveway repairs.

We use a substrate that will last a very long time compared to other types of material.

Driveways may incur cracks, unevenness, water pooling after rainy days or tree root intrusion and may need repairs.

Sometimes if wire mesh was used instead of a rebar (reinforcing bar), then it can start to crumble and so it’s essential to scrape up the crumblings and apply new asphalt with the proper grading so that the water will run in the right direction and doesn’t create a pool effect on both the driveway surface and off the driveway surface.

Sidewalk and Walkway Concrete Contractors in Fort Myers

Stamped Concrete Concrete Steps Fort Myers 4

Just imagine having a beautiful concrete walkway that helps your guests get from the sidewalk right up to your doorway.

We take into consideration, the slope of your property to make sure there is no pooling effect when it rains so that your concrete sidewalk stays nice and smooth without wet spots.

The type of installation that takes place is in the form of forming, pouring and finishing.

When we are forming the walkway, we are lining up the perimeter with some 2 by 4s and forming the shape of the sidewalk.

Then afterwards, we pin boards so that they don’t move around during the pouring and installation.

It’s at this point we make sure that everything is level and straight.

The depth on average will be about 4-5 inches and we want to make sure that fresh cement doesn’t bond with any nearby structures that’s in line with the sidewalk we are working on.

When the cement is poured, we will spread it out evenly and divide it into sections and make sure we smooth it out.

These concrete walkways can be designed into any shape or pattern or route – they can curve, wind, or be straight, depending on your design preference.

You can design your walkway with many of the following options, but not limited to:

  • Stamped Walkways
  • Stained Walkways
  • Flagstone
  • Cobblestone
  • Pavers

You can even opt for natural concrete and a basic cement pour.

When you decide on the primary design, you can also choose a secondary design which includes shapes, cuts, patterns and detailed designs.

Let’s create beautiful concrete artwork for your home or property today!

Fort MyersDecorative and Stamped Concrete Pavers

Concrete Contractors Fort Myers1

If you want some of the best stamped concrete in Fort Myers, Florida, then look no further!

Stamped concrete is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and cosmetically beautiful pieces of concrete you can use on your property.

We have plenty of patterns and decorative options so you can choose whatever design you desire.

We make sure we cater to every customers needs and wants! We adhere to your desires like our business depends on it.

You can apply stamped concrete in many areas around your property including:

The best part of stamped concrete is it has the ability to mimic other types of surface material, while having the durability of concrete.
It also has tremendous longevity with little to no maintenance compared to any stone material or other natural materials.

Our stamped concrete Fort Meyers is the perfect solution as we have the expertise and knowledge to cater to whatever design you imagine!

Stained Concrete​ Fort Myers and Stained Cement

Fort Myers Concrete Contractors 1

Did you know that you can choose different colors of your concrete instead of just the boring grey color?

Concrete can not just come in different colors, but it can come in different patterns and coatings.

You can transform a boring and plain concrete work into something with a glossy or mirror like finish that brightens up any space it occupies.

Using state of the art acid staining concrete solutions, you can choose from many colors, hues and tones to liven up that boring old concrete.

We first clean the area with a high powered pressure washer.

This is done to remove debris and dirt on the surface before we continue with the next step.

After that, we will clean the concrete using a special cleaner and degreasing chemicals to get rid of any unwanted oil, paint, stains and other problematic areas.

Next, we use either tape or paper on the sides to prevent staining any nearby surfaces.

We then wet the concrete before applying the stain.
After you have chosen the color that you want and are happy with the look and hue of the surface, we will start the neutralization process to make sure the stain is permanent.

We then seal the concrete and add the finishing touches.

Stained concrete is a different process from epoxy flooring as they involve different equipment and a different process.

Stained concrete just like with stamped concrete can give you a beautiful looking surface without even looking like it is concrete at all!

Give us a call today to beautify your boring, old concrete!

Call: (239) 323-7007

Patios, Lanais, Porches, Pool Decks

Attention to Detail

Concrete Pool

With cementing projects for patios, lanais, porches, pool decks, garage floors and similar projects, we offer full renovations or resurfacing and overlays to already existing projects.

Whether you want to start from scratch or want some retouching to an older cement project, we can help with all these and more in Southwest Florida!

A high quality concrete contractor in Fort Myers will typically ask for pictures of previous jobs so they can get a good idea of what they need to work on.

We do not cut corners so we want to make sure we are well-prepared for any kind of project that you want!

Before we begin a project, we want to make sure any surrounding areas are covered such as fences, buildings, plants or any other structures.

Because if we don’t the cement may have spillover residue and you might get bump cement residue on the surrounding area.

So if you’re looking to add a gorgeous pool deck or patio, Fort Myers concrete contractors can help you develop the perfect project for your home!

We can provide you with tons of design options and you can choose one to your liking.

Just imagine an amazing stamped concrete patio that amazes all your guests that visit your house!

With stamped concrete, we can use it to replicate many different types of surfaces such as granite, but you get something that is much more durable and long-lasting.

Fort Myers Concrete ​Repairs

Even concrete, as durable as it is, doesn’t last forever. Things can happen to a concrete surface especially if there is a lot of traffic that happens on top of the surface.

So whether your concrete surface as damage, cracks, pooling or wear and tear, then we can give you a hand to repair the concrete to make it new again! Not only will it strengthen the surface, but it’ll like like a new piece of concrete.

Seawall Repair in Fort Myers and Cape Coral

Seawall repairs is a very tricky job.

Since it is a vertical surface rather than horizontal, it needs special attention and is more of a challenging concrete service in Fort Myers.

With our specialized equipment, we are able to take on this type of repair with a technique that lets the concrete time to cure before the water washes it away.

If you have a beachside home or property, then you might run into some of the following:

  • Eroding concrete
  • Cracks
  • Crumbles
  • Damaged

Even thought this type of concrete work may be a bit more expensive, it’s important to keep the structure of the wall and can definitely help raise your property value.

Since this is difficult work, we give our best attention to detail and make sure we don’t cut corners in doing the best concrete repair work we can!

Give us a call today if you need help with any kind of repair work!

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Garage and Shed Concrete Slab Contractor​

Fort Myers Concrete Contractors 2

Most homes in Lee County such as Fort Myers and Cape Coral usually come with a garage.

But if you don’t have a garage yet, or want another one installed, we can help install the concrete you need.

Sometimes you may also want to add a shed or a space for storage and want some concrete installed.
We can definitely help with these concrete slab services as well!

We can usually get to your property the next day and give you a free on-site estimate for the project you want to take on.

And when you are happy with the estimate, we can put you on our schedule and our team will typically come out the same week and commence the concrete project.

Call: (239) 323-7007

Pro Concrete Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls Concrete 4

There are many reasons why you might want to construct a concrete retaining wall.

You might want some kind of decorative wall for your landscaping project or you might want to separate either soil or plants from a certain area.

You can install a retaining wall for extra space for walkways, for extra parking space or just for aesthetic reasons.

You can also use these walls for uneven terrain to make it better to look at, while creating multiple levels of soil without having a “hilly” look.

We cover all kinds of concrete walls so please give us a call to discuss some options for your property!

Call: (239) 323-7007

Concrete Floors & Decorative Floors

Stained Concrete 5

We absolutely cover concrete floors and of course decorative floors if you want a beautiful look to your property.

With any kind of flooring or sub flooring, we’re able to beautify your floor with many of the different finishing and designs we have on hand.

Please give us a contact, for all of our design options so you can get the perfect flooring for your home or property!

Call: (239) 323-7007

Concrete Steps

Concrete Steps Fort Myers 2

Whether you need residential or commercial steps installed in Fort Myers, Florida, we can help install new steps with a beautiful finished look, or repair damaged steps can make it new again.

Our concrete contractors Fort Myers can tear out the old steps that may be damaged and dispose them and can install new concrete to make sure nobody is injured when walking on your property.

Call: (239) 323-7007

Concrete ​Countertops

Many homeowners might want to have a sleek looking countertop for their kitchen or living space.

We can mimic our concrete countertops to resemble marble, granite or other materials while maintaining the durability of concrete!

Some tiles for countertops may look old-fashioned, so having a modern-looking countertop can bring new life to your home.

If concrete countertops sounds like something you would want for your home, then please give us a contact for all our design options!

Call: (239) 323-7007

Parking Lots

Fort Myers Parking Lot Concrete 3

Whether you want to revitalized an old parking lot with lots of damage and cracks on the surface, or you want to add additional parking lot space, we can help you achieve them!

We cover all the demolition and tearing out the old concrete before we start pouring cement for your brand new parking lot.

With our extensive knowledge and experience of doing parking lots over the years, our Concrete Contractors Fort Myers FL can help you get the job done properly, safely and efficiently.

Please give us a call right now, for your free no-obligation on-site visit and estimate and let’s get started on your next dream project!

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